Nursing Services

Our nurse, Michele Prezenkowski, RN, BSN, has 13 years of healthcare experience and provides a variety of services to patients under the supervision of our staff of physicians.

Her mission is the following:

“To provide support, guidance, and assistance to those individuals in need of disease and health management, help people understand how lifestyle choices can affect their health, and to promote healthy choices through education and counseling.”

The following nursing services are available at Southwest Family Physicians:

Anticoagulant Monitoring

Warfarin (Coumadin) is a medication that helps to “thin” your blood to decrease your body’s chance of forming harmful clots. Unwanted blood clots may cause strokes, heart attacks, or other potentially harmful events such as clots in the legs (deep vein thrombosis) or lungs (pulmonary embolism). Warfarin works by blocking the effects of vitamin K, making it harder for your body to form clots.

In order to make sure the amount of warfarin you are taking is right for you, your blood will need to be checked on a regular basis with a test called a protime to measure the time it takes for your blood to clot. If your PT/INR blood test is outside your target range, your warfarin dose will need to be adjusted. The nurse will check your blood for this, discuss the effects of diet and medications on your level, and adjust your dose to maintain a therapeutic level.

Diabetes Education and Counseling

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you may have many concerns and questions about what this means and what you should do. Our nurse will meet with you to help you understand how diabetes affects the body, will demonstrate how to monitor your blood sugar at home with a glucometer, and will discuss the goals of blood sugar management.

If the physician has prescribed medication, she will discuss how it will work to lower your blood sugar. Because dietary choices and exercise have a significant effect on glucose levels, your current dietary patterns will be reviewed to see where adjustments can be made to help lower glucose levels. She will give you written materials and resources for further education to help you manage your diabetes.

Travel Advice and Immunizations

Worldwide traveling has become increasingly popular and with it comes certain risks that can be avoided. Our nurse will discuss your travel plans and itinerary, review your immunization history and medical history, and research the Center for Disease Control recommendations for the area to which you are going. She will meet with you to discuss travel precautions, and provide the recommended immunizations. For more information visit our International Travel Services page.

Cholesterol Monitoring

Patients who are taking cholesterol medication need periodic monitoring to assure that the medication is working effectively and that the medicine is not having any adverse effects. The nurse will review and explain the lipid profile to you, do the ordered blood testing, and discuss how you are doing in making healthy dietary choices.

Memory Loss Evaluation

Patients or family members who are concerned about possible memory problems can meet with our nurse to discuss their observations and the problems they are experiencing. She will administer and score a memory quiz and document observations during the interview and exam for the doctor.

Osteoporosis Treatment

If your physician has diagnosed you with osteoporosis, and has determined that the best treatment for you is an IV medication called Boniva, our nurse will meet with you every three months to talk to you about your osteoporosis, and will administer this medication to you.

Weight Management

If your physician has determined that you need to lose or to gain weight to improve your health, our nurse can meet with you to discuss various strategies to help you to modify your dietary patterns to work towards your goals. In addition, she can provide follow-up monitoring and counseling to provide support in your efforts.