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Summer Heat Safety Tips

Summer Heat Safety Tips As the temperature rises, be sure to follow these heat safety tips to keep yourself and your family safe throughout the summer months. Never leave people or pets in a closed car on a warm day. If air conditioning is unavailable in your home, go to a cooling center. Wear loose, […]

April 2024 Vaccines For Children

Your Baby’s Immune System: According to the CDC, Immunity is the body’s way of preventing disease. Because a baby’s immune system is not fully developed at birth, babies face a greater risk of becoming infected and getting seriously ill. Vaccines help teach the immune system how to defend against germs. Vaccination protects your baby by […]

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon or rectum. Colorectal cancer does not always cause symptoms, especially at first. Someone could have colorectal cancer and not know it. That is why getting screened regularly for colorectal cancer is so important. According to the CDC, if you have symptoms, they may include— A change in bowel […]