April 2024 Vaccines For Children

Your Baby’s Immune System: According to the CDC, Immunity is the body’s way of preventing disease. Because a baby’s immune system is not fully developed at birth, babies face a greater risk of becoming infected and getting seriously ill. Vaccines help teach the immune system how to defend against germs. Vaccination protects your baby by helping build up their natural defenses.

  • Children are exposed to thousands of germs every day. This happens through the food they eat, the air they breathe, and the things they put in their mouth.
  • Babies are born with immune systems that can fight most germs, but some germs cause serious or even deadly diseases a baby can’t handle. For those, babies need the help of vaccines.
  • Vaccines use very small amounts of antigens to help your child’s immune system recognize and learn to fight serious diseases. Antigens are the parts of a germ that cause the body’s immune system to go to work.

Why Your Child Should Get Vaccinated:

It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat one after it occurs.

  • Vaccination is a safe, highly effective, and easy way to help keep your family healthy.
  • The recommended vaccination schedule balances when a child is likely to be exposed to a disease and when a vaccine will be most effective.
  • Vaccines are tested to ensure they can be given safely and effectively at the recommended ages.