The Health Benefits of “Superfoods”

The Health Benefits of Superfoods

In today’s world we are constantly in search of foods that taste good, but also those that promote wellness and good health. These foods, also known as superfoods, are thought to increase our body’s natural defense to fight-off illness and disease-causing cells such as cancer. Although these superfoods have been around for thousands of years, scientists are just learning the extreme benefits that they have on our bodies. Many superfoods include fruits and vegetables, but individuals often forget about spices. “Technically, spices are vegetables in concentrated form,” according to Wendy Bazilian, RD. Spices can be added to many dishes, are calorie-free, and require no prep. Try some on your next dish for added flavor, but also to boost your wellness!

View the list of spices below to see their benefits and how to use them.

Curry Powder

Benefit: Contains Curcumin: a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Studies show that it inhibits the growth of certain breast cancer cells, and some stomach and colon cancers.

How to Use It: Rub Curry Powder on fish or pork before roasting


Benefit: Contains an abundance of vitamins and is noted to help prevent brain cell depletion.

How to Use It: Season meats, stews, vegetables, and soups


Benefit: Loaded with antioxidants and has been known to fend off the stomach flu.

How to Use It: Use in sauces, salad dressings, and soups


Benefit: Helps prevent spikes and dips in blood sugar by improving the way your cells use glucose (sugar).  Can reduce risk factors for diabetes and heart disease.

How to Use It: Flavor sweet potatoes, hot cereals, and puddings


Benefit: Reduces inflammation and blocks nerve pathways that process pain.  Also helps to increase attention span and memory in women.

How to Use It: Add to pancakes, muffins, applesauce or yogurt


Benefit: Rich in protective anti-inflammatory compounds that can lower your risk of cancer and also provides antibacterial protection in the mouth.

How to Use It: Add to coffee, chicken, turkey and desserts

Cayenne Pepper

Benefit: Contains Capsaicin that is thought to increase your metabolism and burn fat.

How to Use It: Flavor vegetables, rice, and meats


Benefit: Boosts immune system and brainpower. Also known to increase energy.

How to Use It: Flavor vegetables and rice

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