Wellness Visit Information

Wellness Visit Policy Information

Dear Valued Patient,

In an effort to provide the best medical care possible, we would like to inform you of our office policy regarding wellness visits.

Wellness visits include traditional history and physicals, Welcome to Medicare physicals and Medicare wellness visits. The wellness visit and/or history and physical is intended to screen for potential health problems or issues. During this visit your practitioner will review your history and chart for age-appropriate screening examinations and immunizations. A brief physical examination may be performed for screening purposes only. Any deficient age-appropriate screenings will be ordered or recommended. Healthy lifestyle choices are typically addressed as well.

This visit is not intended to address new concerns or chronic medical conditions requiring new or maintenance medications. Although it may be convenient to combine these visits, your insurance company still views this as two separate visits. If a problem is discovered during your wellness visit that requires testing or investigation outside of normal screening procedures, additional charges will apply. Please keep in mind this additional service may incur a co-pay, coinsurance or be applied to your deductible. If you find this unacceptable, we would be happy to provide you with another appointment to address chronic conditions, medication refills and any specific concerns you may have.

This policy is intended to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of time to address your general health and wellness and comply with the rules of your insurance company. Thank you for your understanding regarding this office policy.

Southwest General Medical Group Physicians and Staff

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